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President, Academic Dean



PROFESSOR, Ali Ehtashami has been the Academic Dean of LONDON MODERN SCIENCE COLLEGE since many years During these years, he has collaborated with the Students, and the rest of the Faculty and Staff to further LMSCs name, and achieve the mission of the COLLEGE. He has been recognized in different Universities for his achievements as a Teacher, and his contributions to the Education Field as well where as President of the Board, he has set high standards, and given the institution, international recognition, that is favorable for the students that graduate from LONDON MODERN SCIENCE COLLEGE. He was also given the Doctor for his contribution and life achievement, which is the highest title an institution can give. PROFESSOR, ALI EHTESHAMI is an excellent lecturer and exhibitor, because he has a gift to get through with an empowerment message, to students and faculty. His long journey from Business to Entrepreneur and Director of several organizations has given him great satisfaction and inspiration to follow his quest and contributions to the development of human kind.


  • English: Good writing / Good conversation
  • RUSSIAN: Good writing / Good conversation
  • Turkish: Good writing / Good conversation

Scientific Documents

1- Bachelor of economy from human science international academy (Voronezh, Russia)
2- Master of business administration
3- PHD in economic management
4- Postdoctoral of Economics from human science international academy
5- Scientific title of professor in international banking system course


1- Holding 17 diplomas in management, economic, bank and credit courses
2- Holding the medal of youngest PHD in economics
3- Holding five honorary PHD, in economic, modern banking, money and credits
4- Holding the youngest postdoctoral title of international bank system (2015)
5- Selected as economic leader in world assembly of Islamic economic leaders (2017)
6- Holding 25 certificates of appreciation from different universities


-15 years in the classroom Experience mainly in the field of Education: 10years in administration, 5 years in the classroom
-Assessor of organizational and financial development at directive and counselor level
-Host and Guests of several different programs of radio and television
-Member of the Board and/or partner and/of 10 organizations in the areas of investment, services, education, industrial and philanthropic

Scientific responsibilities

1- Faculty member of 3 universities
2- Chairman of economic workshop of investigating the investment areas in middle east
3- Chairman of the economic group of FLU financial institution
4- Director of research department and institute BPD Institution
5- Dean of London modern science college